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Chu Gar Coming 2014!

Southern Mantis News

  Winter 2013
Happy Mantis Holidays!

Merry Chu Gar Coming in 2014!

Bottom Line: 

Chu Gar coming in 2014.  Read on...

From RDH:

Today is the second day of Winter and I have spent the whole of 2013 (nearly) with Lao Sui's family and the Chu Gar Clans in Hong Kong and China.  Although we only published one well received book this year, extensive Chu Gar documentation was collected and recorded:

And although I have just now moved back to Pingshan, the hometown of Kwongsai Mantis, the first public Chu Gar School we opened this year, in Huizhou, Guangdong, remains in operation.  Let me know if you would like to visit:

2013 Opening of the first public Chu Gar School in China

As a result, 2014 may see the release of an extensive Chu Gar Mantis Documentary on DVDs.  Perhaps three or more DVDs as the completed documentary may be 3 hours or more.

The documentary will use footage from Lao Sui’s home, Huizhou Chu Gar of Ma, Chen, and Xie Sifus including about one hour of footage from the school opening, Hong Kong Chu Gar including Cheng Wan SIfu, Ah Chiu Sifu and Mantisflix Chu Gar Video footage from 1950 onward, Yang Shou Clan, 1st generation of Lao Sui, Anthony Chan Sifu (Chu Kai Ming) 1st generation Lao Sui, and Chu Jun San Sifu's non-Lao Sui lineage (original family of Chu Gar founder, Chu An Nam).  And others yet to be announced.

Sean Robinson, China Mantis Man, has agreed tentatively to host the Chu Gar documentary.  Sean is a lifelong martial artist of many styles with a background in Yip Sui's Mantis in England and has spent the better part of 2013 with RDH and the Chu Clans.  He participated in this year's opening of the Huizhou Chu Gar School:

Sean Robinson, Mantis Sifu Upcoming, demonstrates at Chu Gar School Grand Opening 7/1/13

Sean lives in Shenzhen with his lovely wife from Shandong and their young son.  More of Sean and his contributions to preserve and promote Mantis upcoming in 2014!

Before leaving the Huizhou School about two weeks ago, I invited all the Chu Clan brothers (some didn't make it) from Hong Kong and China to the new School for some brother-friendshipOur discussion of the 2014 plans to preserve and promote Chu Gar moved from the School and continued over a fine lunch banquet: 

L-R) RDH, Bin Goh, Ah Chiu, Chen Jian Ming, Chu Jun San, Ma Jiu Hua and others not shown.

Chen Jian Ming SIfu opens the Huizhou School daily from 3-5 pm now.  I will try to return monthly to visit and check-in.  It is about a 3-4 hour round trip drive from Pingshan, home of Kwongsai Mantis.

Other 2014 projects I hope to complete, (hope is faith in things not yet seen), include Kwongsai Mantis DVD VOL 9 B:  Ping Shu, Bao Zhang, Jang Shu, Han Shu, etc.  And I'm working on several new books including the Chu Gar Dummy Short Form and the Yellow Ox Staff Form, among others.

I'm happy to report for your Mantis interest, that 2013 was a productive year of Chu Gar preservation work and hopefully, in 2014, we can harvest the fruit of this year's efforts.

I welcome your personal correspondence.

Thank you for your continued interest and correspondence and best wishes for a delightful and warm 2013 holiday season!  Hope to see you in 2014!

Guangdong, China

PS.  See a short RDH China TV documentary - click here

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RDH Autumn 2013 China Mantis News

Read the news here: 
In the News:
  • 2013 Historic Chu Gar Event - First Public School
  • RDH China newspaper promotions of Chu Gar
  • RDH  Chu Gar documentaries on China TV
  • RDH visits Huizhou Wushu Competition
  • New Media Releases - Chu Cards, New Books, New DVDs
  • Yang Style Chu Gar in China and Hong Kong
  • RDH Personal Note

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RDH Autumn 2013 China Mantis News

RDH Autumn 2013 China Mantis News

*This article contains video clips.  The long clips may take several minutes the first time loading to your PC and Internet connection.

In the News:
  • 2013 Historic Chu Gar Event - First Public School
  • RDH China newspaper promotions of Chu Gar
  • RDH  Chu Gar documentaries on China TV
  • RDH visits Huizhou Wushu Competition
  • New Media Releases - Chu Cards, New Collectible Books, New DVDs
  • Yang Style Chu Gar in China and Hong Kong
  • RDH Personal Note

Chu Gar Southern Praying Mantis Historic Date
See the Chu Gar School here:  www.hakka-mantis.com

The above article is an abridged excerpt from an upcoming Southern Mantis Press hardcover collectible book - to be released Winter 2013.  See new media releases below.

RDH 2013 China newspaper promotions of Chu Gar

RDH promoting Chu Gar and the new School in local Huizhou Newspapers:

RDH 2013 China TV Documentaries on Chu Gar

Promotions for the first public Chu Gar School, in China, were also made on Huizhou TV stations.  Below is a video excerpt of one of the programs.  Watch www.southmantis.com for more of the program releases including a complete video program of the School's grand opening day celebration and demonstrations to be released.

In the above clip, RDH is referred to as "Hao Li Hai".  A rough translation of this clip states, "RDH trained and has become the sixth generation of Southern Praying Mantis.  The reporter asks, "why did you take up Chinese kungfu" and the reply, "I was eleven years old and happened upon a 19 year old man raping a 16 year old girl.  I intervened on the girls behalf, the girl escaped, but I, at eleven, was beaten to a pulp by the 19 year old.  My father requested I train martial arts when he saw me at 11, black, blue, and bloody.  He gave me my first month's tuition and I started training Judo, at age 11.  From that time, I have never stopped training.

It then states in 1989, in conjunction with the China State Physical Culture and Sports Commission, in Beijing, that RDH published a series of magazines which were distributed internationally.

In the remainder of the video clip above, the TV station asked to see what I do daily.  And so, they followed me around to a few local places that I enjoy frequenting in Huizhou, an ancient martial art city, hometown to the likes, not only of Chu Gar, but Dragon and Whitebrow also.  Huizhou City welcomes you to visit.

Anecdote:  Chen Jian Ming Sifu has long been promoting and teaching the Lao Sui family's Chu Gar in Huizhou.  I will share more of this soon, too.  I am grateful to Chen Sifu for his brother-friendship and all the Lao Sui clan brother-friends.  More of Chen Sifu will follow.

RDH Joins Huizhou Wushu Competition

In the late 80s, and early 90s, It was a pleasure for me, RDH, to see the Beijing Wushu Competitions.  I spent several years to, from, and in Beijing those days.   I met many interesting and capable brother-friends and dignitaries:  Li Meng Hua, Xu Cai, Wu Bin, Cai Long Yuan, Zhang Wen Guang, et al,...I enjoyed, appreciated, and loved all their company among others.

Below is the 2013 Huizhou Martial Art Competition, which I attended.  One of Chen Jian Ming Sifu's Chu Gar Mantis students demonstrated. A Hong Kong movie star was among the presentations.  RDH was featured in several newspaper articles:  http://e.hznews.com/paper/djsb/20130722/A05/2/

Above:  Huizhou Sports Complex, host to the 2013, Wushu Competitions

RDH New Media Releases  Chu Cards, New Collectible Books, New DVDs
Preserving and Promoting Hakka Mantis

Similar to the Kwongsai Mantis Card Deck, a Chu Gar Mantis Card Deck has been produced.  Available now, but without the maxims.  Photos only.  Front and back.  By request only now.  Email me.

New Southern Mantis Press hardcover collectible book releases will include somethings like this below.  Subject to change at notice:


Chen Sifu plays the rare "Yellow Ox Tongue" Chu Gar Staff form and Dui Jong
Yang Tang Lu and Yang Wei Sifus outline Yang Style Chu Gar

Chen Jian Ming Sifu outlines his own wooden dummy Chu Gar short form.

And there are new additions to Southern Mantis Press coming in 2014.

RDH New Media Releases  
Volume 9B DVD:  18 Hands Completion
Preserving and Promoting Hakka Mantis

Volume Nine-B: 
Year One Supplement;  18 Hands Completion; 18 Hands - 4 Corners

This film is recovered from the original correspondence program and completes the 18 hands teaching
  • Ping Shu Flick hand
  • Bao Zhang Palms,
  • Jung Shu Elbow Strokes and
  • Han Shu Slicing Bridge
which have not been covered in Volumes One - Nine.  Additionally, it teaches the
"18 Hands - Four Corners" method of single man training.   (60 minutes)

I'm behind on this production.  Keep up your good Mantis and keep me posted.

Yang Style Chu Gar in China and Hong Kong

 Yang Sou, (Yang Shou), is sometimes said to be the third generation himself, such was his accomplishment in Chu Gar Mantis.  His descendents continue Chu Gar in his hometown of QingXi, Guangdong, today, as well as Hong Kong.

There is much yet to be shared with the Yang Clan Chu Gar.

L-R)  Ma Jiuhua, Chen Jian Ming, (Yang Wei - 6th generation from Yang Sou), 
RDH, Xie Tien Sheng

Top and bottom:  Yang Mei Gang - The Yang Clan Chu Gar Conference Hall

Yang Wei Sifu (R), and Sigong Yang Tang Lu (L), and RDH have collaborated to publish a book of the Yang Style Chu Gar upcoming.  Stay tuned for further updates.

RDH Personal Note

Keep up your good Mantis!  Start training today.  

Remember Sombogin = "start where you are, use what you have, do what you can!"

Your correspondence is welcome.  I'll be back here when Winter begins!  If not before.

Huizhou, Guangdong

Sunday, June 9, 2013

China Mantis News Summer 2013

China Southern Mantis News
Summer 2013

RDH - Lao Sui Clan - New School

 Huizhou Southern Mantis Boxing Association

Huizhou Southern Mantis Boxing Association

Chen Jianming, age 56
RDH, age 57

Huizhou, Guangdong, China
Lao Sui’s Hometown

Traditional Chinese Wuguan (Martial Art School) Teaching Hakka Mantis:  Chu Gar and Jook Lum Temple

Open Six Days a Week;  Day and Evening Classes; 
Local & International Students Accepted;  Accomodations Available


Preserving and Promoting Traditional Hakka Mantis 100 Years Onward in the Hometowns!

At Sifu Chen Jianming’s request, RDH Sifu has teamed-up to open a new traditional martial art wuguan (school) teaching Chu Gar and Bamboo Forest Temple Mantis in the hometown of Lao Sui.  Chen Sifu is the leader of Chu Gar Clan #1 and the 5th generation in Lao Sui’s hometown, Huizhou.

RDH is from the USA and has been living off and on in China and Asia for more than 37 years.  RDH started martial arts training in 1967 and has been focused on Southern Praying Mantis since 1976.  He is a pupil by ceremony of both Chu Gar and Kwongsai Mantis.  He has more than 1,000 international students and is a publisher of martial art books, magazines and DVDs in more than 45 countries.

Under the banner of the Huizhou Southern Mantis Boxing Association, this new traditional martial art school will open its doors to local and foreign students alike.  Local students may train daily and foreign students may reserve accomodations for a week or extended stays.

The teaching is traditional Hakka Mantis:  Chu Gar and Kwongsai Mantis.

This website will open soon.  Check back often.  And success in your Hakka Mantis training!  Make your reservation and train with us today!

Coming Soon:


Newest Book Release 

A rare bilingual (English-Chinese) treatise of Lao Sui's Chu Gar Southern Mantis boxing inside China!
Meet Lao Sui's family and Chu Gar Mantis pupils in Lao Sui's hometown. Exclusive historical photographs. Origins, history and practices of Chu Gar Mantis as told by Lao Sui's family and others. Chu Gar, Chow Gar and Dongjiang East River Mantis clarification. Details released for the first time - never before published.

  • Lao Sui and Hakka Mantis on the Map; A Wondering Medicine Man; Lao Sui Finds Chu Gar Mantis Under a Bridge; Stories of Chu Gar History; History as told by Lao Sui's Family; Chu Gar Mantis School of Lao Sui;
  • Chu Gar Boxing Basic Skills Pictorial
  • Ma Jiu Hua Sifu; Chen Jian Ming Sifu; Xie Tian Sheng Sifu
  • Images from Lao Sui's Hometown; Lao Sui Lore
  • Form Training Pictorial: Som Bo Gin Shadowboxing Form; Som Gin Yu Kiu Shadowboxing Form
  • Interactive Book and Online Videos! Links on page 164
  • Book Details:   Hardcover, Premium Full Color, 168 pages, 136+ Photographs, Bilingual: English-Chinese, Library archive quality, and more!

    For those with the slightest interest in Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu, the name of Lao Sui holds the mystique of an old fashioned kungfu master who was revered by all to the extent he is often referred to as a "Canton Tiger." Lao Sui's legacy in China has always been called Chu Gar Mantis, just as it is today! Discover the Southern Mantis legacy of Lao Sui in China today! Get your copy now.
    Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and other fine retailers
    search "Southern Mantis Press" or "Roger D Hagood"

  • Lao Sui Clan 2:  Chu Gar Wedding Bells!

    May saw wedding bells (hopefully not wedding bell blues) for a student of Chu Gar Sifu Xie Tiansheng in Yanzhou.  A banquet with several hundreds of people concluded the affair which was also attended by Chu Gar Clan leaders, Chen Jianming, Ma Jiuhua, Xie Tiansheng and RDH.  Below are a few pics.

     Second from Right - Ma Sifu, RDH, Chen Sifu, Xie Sifu
    A traditional Chinese Wedding is a festive affair complete with fireworks
    and plenty of spirits
    Cola and Malt Vinegar replaced the alcohol at our Mantis table!

    There is a definite camaraderie among the active Clans of Lao Sui's family and pupils.  It is one for all and all for one!  Esprit de corp was the rule of the day.

    Sifu Lam Hau Kit Kwongsai Mantis and Unicorn

    Special thanks to Lam Hau Kit Sifu and Brother Raymond Yan for the Tam Kang Festival photos and videos.  Google "Tam Kang Festival Hong Kong" for details about this annual event.  More of Lam Sifu and the Shau Kei Wan history of Chung Yel Chong (Zhang Yaozong) coming.

    Left:  Lam Hau Kit Sifu - Shaukeiwan, Hong Kong
    Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Mantis, Right:  Sifu Raymond Yan, Lam Pupil

    Lam Sifu (Left) is a strong force in Hong Kong Kwongsai Mantis and Hakka Unicorn
    Lam Hau Kit Sifu (center) with Kwongsai Mantis Sifu Lee Kwok Leung and his son Sifu Patrick Lee

    Sifu Lam Hau Kit is a regular patron of Hong Kong's Famous "Kungfu Corner" Festivals

    Videos featuring Lam Sifu's Kwongsai Mantis and Unicorn Troupe are forthcoming - Check back often!

    Southern Mantis Press Updated - New Media!

    Click these links directly:

    this program is available by download at this time
    email:  rdh@chinamantis.com


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